Using Hardware Synths In Softsynth World

I've ran into more and more guys who want to use their hardware synths in their computer based home recording studios lately. This article...



Home Theater Speakers Reviews

WHY BUY HOME THEATER SPEAKERS? There is a reason why people still go out to see movies in theaters instead of waiting to watch them...

Sound Bars: What to Look for?


Your First 8-Channel Audio Interface.jpg

Your First 8-Channel Audio Interface

Not sure how to get the most reliable, best 8-channel+ interface for your cash. Read This! The RME HDSP9652 was my secret weapon as the...
User Friendly Recording Software

User Friendly Recording Software

If you are looking for the easiest recording software, this article is for you. While I've touched on this topic, I want to hit it...

Why Do I Need An Audio Interface Designed For Home Recording?

I’m often asked why it is necessary to purchase a real deal audio interface / sound card designed specifically for home recording. In fact, there...

Subwoofers: $150 vs $1,800 No Holds Barred

Disclaimer:  All this talk about speakers is practically worthless without a HUGE discussion on room acoustics.  This test isn’t fair.  The test isn’t fair for...
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