User Friendly Recording Software

User Friendly Recording Software

If you are looking for the easiest recording software, this article is for you.

While I’ve touched on this topic, I want to hit it head on in this brief article. I see a ton of newbies in the recording world asking about “user friendly software”. If you are looking for user friendly software, this article is for you.

What recording software is user friendly? Easy! All of them! Okay, maybe not ALL of them, but all of them that are successful. Recording software must be easy to use. Why? Because in the heat of battle when creative juices are flowing, you can not be fighting your recording setup. No songs will ever get finished if this is the case. So take a look around and see what people are using. You’ll find that Pro Tools, Cubase (the most popular here at Recording Review), Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer, etc are all popular and are all being used on home recordings.

This is kind of like saying “Which car is easy to drive?”. While driving a semi might be difficult, there really isn’t that much difference between a F-150, a Honda Civic, and a Porsche. You would have to get used to all of them and every person has their preferences, but the actual “easy to use” thing is about the same. The gas makes you go. The break makes you stop.

Let’s take a different slant on this.

What recording software is user friendly? Easy! The one you know how to work! This may sound like smart ass statement, but I think it leads to a much bigger issue that we’ll discuss here in a moment. If you were to ask me what language is easiest to speak, I’d have to say English because it’s the only language I know. I hear that Spanish is one of the simpler languages and that German and Russian are supposed to be quite a bit more difficult to master. Of course, Russia, Germany, and English speaking countries have been first world countries while simpler languages have had less economic success. What does that mean? Nothing really. The point is that I doubt if any country would improve their economic success if they all just switched to Russian or Spanish and I don’t think better recordings would be achieved by simply switching from whatever you use now.

Is “Easy” The Most Important Criteria For You?
Let’s assume you can’t speak a language. Which one do you speak? I would speak whatever language is going to give me the most success. Here in Missouri, I wouldn’t get too far with Pig Latin. English was a good choice even if it took a few more classes to learn in school and even if this blog is full of grammatical errors.

If you are new to home recording, don’t get overwhelmed by the learning curve. It isn’t that bad! Tons of idiots make great recordings. Trust me! Instead, focus on what is going to allow you to be most “successful” at your musical recording endeavor. This brings up a bunch of other questions about your needs and all of that jive. That’s beyond the scope of this little blog. I just wanted to get you think.

The Casual User
I’ve edited like 2 hours of video in my life. I don’t have time to be a real video guy even though I wish I did. If I needed to edit a video tomorrow, I guess I wouldn’t have the time to master a full blown mega video editing software program. I would want something fairly easily to grasp simply because I’m a casual user and not looking to make a life long commitment to video editing.

If this is similar to your experience with audio, I really don’t know what to tell you. While does cater to the beginner in music and audio recording, the people that stick around are music people. They are not the casual user. The typical member isn’t going to be purchasing recording software from Best Buy. Good luck in your quest.

All recording software has a learning curve. If you really want to record music, buck up and start looking for recording software that will allow you to be as musically successful as possible. Start looking for the right recording software for you instead of focusing on the fact that software A takes 8 hours to be proficient, but software B takes 7.5 hours to be proficient. If music is your “thing”, put the time in to learn the well thought out tools. Easy has nothing to do with it.

…and if you are not a music guy, good luck. I wish I could help out.



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